Who We Are

Gayle and Meghan are a mother and daughter team who care deeply about environmental issues.

Meghan is a lawyer who believes that lasting change requires community and legislative action. She is deeply committed to environmental living and blogs about conservation issues and news. She was inspired by cities (such as San Francisco, CA) and countries (such as Ireland), in their quests to rid their environments of toxic plastic bags.

Meghan hopes to keep us all up-to-date on what inspirational communities around the world are doing to reduce plastic bag consumption. You can read and comment on her blog here, Community Change.

Gayle began her career as a first grade teacher who believes that early education creates positive lifelong habits. She was widely recognized for her innovative teaching style as one of the first educators to utilize computers in the classroom to teach reading. She soon became a statewide leader instructing other educators on how to teach students of all ages to read by composing and creating daily personal journals and storybooks on the computer. Gayle was eventually recruited by a leading computer company and spent the next 15 years creating and building successful internet technology companies. Building on her success as a veteran Silicon Valley technology executive, Gayle frequently speaks on the topic of social media and online community building. As a former educator and CEO, Gayle understands the challenges business and community leaders, teachers and parents face in creating positive and sustainable, long-term changes. Please join Gayle in her efforts to make a difference and create a better world for tomorrow's children.