Learn Tips to Reduce Plastic Bag Consumption

  1. Start using your own reusable bags. They are stylish and earth friendly! If you don't have one or you need more, check out our store for bags that match your lifestyle and daily needs.
  2. Have plastic bags at home? Reuse or recycle them! You can:
    • use them as garbage bag liners
    • take them to your local park or dog park and donate them
    • return them to your grocery store for recycling
    • be creative and think of new ways – be sure to share your new tips in our Community Change blog

    Please be sure to check out our plastic bag recycler – which makes recycling your bags easy to do!

  3. Find and shop at stores that offer a cash credit for bringing your own bags. Look at our Community Change section to find a list of stores in your area. If there are no stores in your community that offer cash credits, our community page provides ideas as to how you can ask your local stores to offer their customers credits.
  4. Tell your friends and family about our ConservingNow.com, about your pledge and your commitment to reduce plastic bag consumption. They might be inspired to make the change themselves! Click on our "Email this page" link to spread the word, and to let everyone you know about the actions you are taking to help our environment.
  5. Count how many plastic bags are brought into your household during one week. When we see the waste for ourselves and know how using reusable bags can make a difference in just one household, we can feel good about the impact we're making. Visit our Teaching Our Children section for more tips and information to make the choice as a family to reduce plastic bag consumption.
  6. Spread the word by refusing to accept plastic bags from cashiers and store owners. It only takes a second to refuse a plastic bag, and to politely remind the cashier (and anyone else in line) that plastic bags are bad for the environment.
  7. Consider bringing your own produce bags in addition to your shopping bags.
  8. Be creative and think of more tips and spread the word on our Community Change page!