Educating our children is vital to reducing consumption & preserving our green planet.

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We maintain a list of nominated classrooms eager for our Classroom Education Kits. 100% of our sponsorship dollars go directly to providing those kits. Our newly refreshed and expanded curriculum is filled with everything required to have a highly interactive environmental education experience.

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A primary goal of ConservingNow is to educate young children on the importance of becoming responsible environmental citizens. We have worked with schools all across North America. Recently, we partnered with a state-wide environmental organization to train teachers and distribute our Classroom Education Kits to schools across the state!

In addition to providing free teaching resources, we will partner with schools in a variety of ways:

  • Fund-raising Programs
  • Community Service Days
  • School Assembly Programs
  • High School Ambassador Program
  • Plastic Bag Awareness Week
  • Grocery Store Give-aways

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classroom education kits

Help ConservingNow educate the next generation! ConservingNow makes Classroom Education Kits available for purchase at a special price of $45 per kit.


ConservingNow has educational resources to help everyone learn about the harmful effects of plastics on our environment.

ConservingNow Teaching Our Children


Omnisax, (formerly Envirosax) is so committed to eliminating plastic bag use, that they have formed a close strategic partnership with ConservingNow.

As we order additional bags for sale in the ConservingNow Shop, Omnisax sponsors classrooms with purchases of our Classroom Education kits.

Because 100% of the profits from product sales goes toward funding classroom kits for schools., our sales of Omnisax (formerly Envirosax) reusable bags provide even more classroom kits. It's win-win for everyone and for our environment!

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We have all heard about the devastating effects on our planet from plastic bag waste. Now there is help! has taken my passion for recycling and reusing into an incredible website. You can learn about green living, buy unique reminder products and find the tools to teach your friends and family to say good bye plastic bags and hello going green. If you look at one website today (besides mine!!) make it!
Lisa LaPorta, Designer
Lisa LaPorta on ConservingNow

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At ConservingNow, we're always developing new ideas and providing resources to help children and adults alike to learn to be greener.