Our Philosophy

Like so many others who are committed to bringing their own bags when shopping, we quickly realized how often we forgot our bags in the car or at home. It was incredibly frustrating to be in line at a store and realize (yet again) we had forgotten our reusable bags.

We knew that all our good intentions to make a difference by always using our own bags wouldn't really help if we could not remember to bring them to the store. Our local Whole Foods had their lunch tables by the checkout stands and we would sit there eating lunch and listen to shopper after shopper say "Darn!! I left my bags in the car."

Obviously we were not the only ones with this problem. So, after much discussion, we set out to create and sell products that would help everyone remember to bring their own bags when shopping. Our goal was to offer a wide array of convenient, effective, and green reminder products. We also wanted to share our passion for reducing plastic bag consumption with our community and to encourage people to consume wisely.

ConservingNow.com has been built from the ground up with environmentalism and sustainability as our core priorities. We pride ourselves on the incredibly high standards we set and will not compromise. More importantly, Conservingnow.com is our ethical responsibility.

ConservingNow.com wasn’t designed as a traditional business with only profits in mind. We are very committed to do our part to make this earth a better place for future generations and believe our products  will help educate and change people’s attitudes toward the use of plastic bags. Many of our products are sold below or at cost. We consciously made a choice to set up our business to give back and believe what is good for the environment will be good for business as well.

We also understand that consuming products can cause environmental degradation, and we are a retailer selling products that have been manufactured, packaged, and transported – all of which leave a footprint. Our commitment to the planet and to our customers means that Conservingnow.com will constantly challenge itself to do as little harm as possible, make wise and sustainable decisions for the long term, and always act responsibly as possible.