Sometimes the most difficult step is the first one.

If you're concerned about environmental issues and don't know where to begin, consider participating in our campaign to Reduce Plastic Bag Use and follow our 4 easy steps:

Step One: Sign Our Pledge

It's a simple way for you to make a firm commitment to reduce your use of plastic bags! Pledge now to recycle old plastic bags, to carry reusable bags whenever you are shopping, and to learn more about the dangers of plastic bags. Committing to reusable bags and sharing your passion with others is a sure-fire way to create change in our neighborhoods and communities! And it all starts with a “signature”!

Step Two: Start Living Greener

Sign up for ConservingNow's Green Tip of the Week. Each week we provide our readers with a simple eco-change that is easy to implement in your households or offices. From replacing lightbulbs to using reusable containers in your lunch boxes, our green tips are filled with simple changes that will help your bottom line as much as the environment!

Step Three: Share Your Passion

When you share your knowledge and commitment with friends, family and colleagues, we can exponentially increase support for the environment! Conservingnow has created three incredible PDFs to help you and those around you get started, download them today and start sharing!

Download the How You Can Help PDF for a list of simple ways you can help ConservingNow make a huge impact.

Download the Tips For Reducing Dependence Of Plastic Bags PDF.

Download the Simple Actions PDF to help you make simple daily choices that help our planet.

Step Four: Join Forces

Like you, we are committed to sharing our passion for the planet with our community members! Did you know that ConservingNow actively works with organizations, corporations, municipalities, schools, bloggers, media outlets and retail stores to create personalized programs for change and eco-awareness?

To learn more about how we can work together, please read about our partnering programs.