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Posted on Tue, 08/09/2011 - 09:25

One of the things I love about Conservingnow is the instant sense of community that you feel when you are on our site or our facebook page.  I love that often before I have a chance to answer a posted question or comment, a community member does.  It is so important as we have so much to learn from one another.  We really do say that we are all in this together and never before has that been so true.  Our collective actions are shaping the fate of the planet each day - and we need to lean on one another in order to be the change that we want to see.  And besides, how interesting is it to learn about another’s life or passion?  Too easily we are caught up in the daily tasks of our own lives - it is absolutely refreshing (and motivating) to read about other people’s passions and interests.  

Consider this quote from the Women of Green website: “Today, Women Of Green is a multi media blog, news source and community celebrating the many women who are leading the way in sustainability and social justice. You’ll be hearing from authors and artists, chefs and lawyers, activists, journalists, policy makers and social entrepreneurs. These women are here to make a difference and use their voices and talents to create meaningful change on behalf of the planet and future generations.”

Amazing.  We have been working with Women of Green over the past couple of months and have been wonderfully enriched by the incredible talents and passions that are displayed on their website.  We recently did a guest blog post for them (see it here: and were humbled by our presence on their home page in the company of such diverse and incredible women.  Need a bit of inspiration for how you can set about changing the planet?  Look no further.  Want to support a cause or a passion?  Look no further.  Want to be a part of an incredible dialogue fostered by talented women?  Look no further.  

You will share Women of Green with family and friends alike.  I know you will.  Like Conservingnow, their vision is grand.  And together we are making a difference. 

Yes that's right, We must

Yes that's right, We must decide the goals and start doing efforts to achieve them. It will also give you motivation of working.

Every one has their own

Every one has their own goals. Everyone has their responsibilities and duties which they have to fulfill. Some people has to take care of their probably women and men has to go outside for the working

Women are awesome!

Well, women have always been on the safer side of keeping their premises good and on going green than men a lot. They are the key reason why most of our homes and premises are neat. Like at home we have our mother or sister who does that job for us. Rarely does a guy do these things.

I love how united you are.

I love how united you are. It's very difficult to find so many people with the same view and the same perspective on things. Congratulations!

Thanks for the link to the

Thanks for the link to the blog. It seems like you do so much work,I don't how you have the time for a blog too.

Wow. You have come so far in

Wow. You have come so far in such little time. That's what being a strong, solid community is all about. The power of people with similar thinking and high goals coming together is great! Keep up the good work. casa ta

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