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For many years I have been anti-plastic bag - not only do I carry my own trendy re-usable bags, but I also annoy shoppers by showing them off and suggesting they also become... 'Bag-ist'! Organizations like are successfully and quite rightly making plastic bag users feel very naughty!
Clive Pearse, Host of HGTV hit shows Designed To Sell and HGTV Design Star
Clive Pearse on ConservingNow

We have all heard about the devastating effects on our planet from plastic bag waste. Now there is help! has taken my passion for recycling and reusing into an incredible website. You can learn about green living, buy unique reminder products and find the tools to teach your friends and family to say good bye plastic bags and hello going green. If you look at one website today (besides mine!!) make it!
Lisa LaPorta, Designer
Lisa LaPorta on ConservingNow

Here are a few energy-saving lighting tips!  Of course, as we are entering the bright summer months - the less artificial lighting, the better! 

1) Avoid opaque lamp shades that require stronger bulbs.

2) Use light paints and flooring to reflect light.

3) Clean dust from light fixtures so their light will shine through.

4) When reading or performing tasks that require focused lighting, turn off background lights and rely on a small focused lamp. 

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