Bring Your Own Bag Static Clings

Bring Your Own Bag Static Window Clings

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So, you know you want to only use reusable bags, but how many times are you paying for your purchases, and suddenly remember your reusable bags are in the car, or at home or in the garage?

This static cling is the perfect solution for remembering your bags.  It’s not a sticker and can be easily placed on the driver’s side window so that it’s always in your line of sight when you are getting out of the car! 

Whether you select the earth (round cling) or the trees (square cling), either is an important reminder to bring your bags whenever you shop!

(Limit 2 free clings per household. Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for processing. Limited to residents of the United States, Canada and Mexico. For our international supporters, please check back for future international availability.)

Organizations, Corporations, Schools, Bloggers, Media and/or Retail Establishments interested in distributing Bring Your Own Bag Static Window Clings, please contact us here to hear more about our many partner programs.