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We have all heard about the devastating effects on our planet from plastic bag waste. Now there is help! ConservingNow.com has taken my passion for recycling and reusing into an incredible website. You can learn about green living, buy unique reminder products and find the tools to teach your friends and family to say good bye plastic bags and hello going green. If you look at one website today (besides mine!!) make it ConservingNow.com!
Lisa LaPorta, Designer
Lisa LaPorta on ConservingNow

For many years I have been anti-plastic bag - not only do I carry my own trendy re-usable bags, but I also annoy shoppers by showing them off and suggesting they also become... 'Bag-ist'! Organizations like conservingnow.com are successfully and quite rightly making plastic bag users feel very naughty!
Clive Pearse, Host of HGTV hit shows Designed To Sell and HGTV Design Star
Clive Pearse on ConservingNow

We hear exciting, interesting and wonderful things from our community!

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Have you signed our pledge yet?

Its a fantastic way to tell your friends and family that you are saying no to plastic bags and are committed to "bringing your own bag" when you shop!  Look at all the great things previous signers have had to say!  If we can't convince you - let them!


I absolutely loved the way you have designed your site, it's simple, neat, simple to get around and incredibly easy on the eyes.

Thanks for sharing interesting post. Thanks for taking this opportunity to discuss this, I appreciate with this and I like learning about this subject.

Found your web site and decided to use a fast read, not what I usually do but nice one. Nice to see a blog for any change that isn’t full of spam and rubbish, and in fact makes some sense. Anyway, wonderful write up.

I reuse them till they break, and then recycle them :) Go everybody who is doing their part!

A great initiative... Thank you. I pledge to make a change and will encourage my friends to do so too. Will start with small deeds and I’m sure this will definitely lead to a better tomorrow.

This is absolutely fantastic post, All the new readers like this post.

Great resources for those of us who care about this issue and want others to as well.

I am constantly purchasing new environmentally safe bags, when asked to obtain paper bags most stores don't carry them. I hate plastic bags. I am actually part of a new 'unorganized' non profit group and we are helping cancer patients and their families and providing care packages and information - your bags may be just what we need to deliver our care/comfort packages in while still helping the earth. Thanks!

I haven’t used plastic bags for the past 3 yrs. Unless they are reusable ones. I feel Supermarket chains can do better at being GREEN. Encourage the use of boxes to put shopping in. I remember doing the shopping with my Mother in the 70's and there were boxes everywhere in the store to use instead of bags. Manufacturers should cut packaging down. One piece of beef had about 4 bits of packaging. WHY?

Ever since I saw a documentary last year on the trash in our oceans, I have been concerned about this issue. Since then, I have adopted a policy of using reusable bags as much as possible. I'm also encouraging others to do so as well. This is a good cause!

I already use my own reusable bags, but this is a great resource for education and awareness!

This is such a needed thing. People need to start being responsible for what we do to this planet.

Hi, I am glad to have come across your site. It gives me hope that more and more people see that we do not need and should not accept plastic bag. I came to live in England with my husband and children 16 years ago from Germany and brought some canvas bags with me. I still use them, now. Back then I could not believe that supermarkets did not charge for plastic bags because they did in Germany. I think supermarkets should never supply plastic bags. A good idea are also bags that can be folded into a little parcel. I always have one or two in my handbag just in case. Let's try and save the planet for our children and grandchildren!

I have signed the pledge. Congratulations to everyone who has signed this pledge and a big THANK YOU to all!

I have been using reusable bags for years, and I bought them for my mom and fiancé and put the bags in their cars, so they can't say "I forgot". I have recently taken it a step further, getting muslin drawstring bags for bulk items (like rice, beans, almonds, popping corn) and produce to eliminate plastic packaging or produce bags. They work wonderfully, I recommend trying freecycle to get them, or eBay, or make your own.

I have signed and seriously attempt to do my part in keeping my environment healthy. Thank you for this informative site. I believe it will be a great help in teaching me about all the daily things we do to kill our earth.

I have been doing this for 3 1/2 years now and I have probably NOT used about 250-350 plastic bags. I was lucky enough to have a friend sew me up a few large cloth bags with handles and I put a thin but solid piece of wood at the bottom of each for strength. They are washable and have my name embroidered on them. They also now have an iron on picture of trees on them that say I SAVE TREES and OUR ENVIROMENT on them that I made on my computer, and they look pretty good. I certainly love joining ConservingNow.com and will be bragging to my friends and family about it too :D

It is so important for me to set a good example for my kids. If we start at an early age it will come naturally!!

I recycle everyday, Its a great way to save time and money and makes the world around us a better place.

I started using cotton/canvas bags when the whole foods grocery I shopped at started charging for paper bags. That was more than 25 years ago, and I am still using some of my original bags! I launder when soiled, resew and repair when needed. I keep a set we use just for food shopping at home, and other bags for general shopping in each car. An easy way to remember to use them is to set your purse on top of them in the car. You'll more easily remember to take both into the store when you shop. Soon it'll be such a habit you won't need reminders. I also have sewn cloth drawstring bags with a clear pocket to wrap holiday gifts in (yes, the recipients know I want the "gift wrap" back - but they all like them so much I've had to sew batches for friends and family members.) And I keep one cloth tote bag for each of the organizations or important persons in my life, and use them to accumulate materials I need for the meetings or things I want to pass along (like a book to my sister)!

I have used reusable bags for some time now. When they try to give me plastic, I ask them to remove them and place it in the reusable bags I have. One grocery story pays you a nickel for every bag they do not use. I ask them to save it and purchase a bag for someone that does not have one!

We've been using cloth bags for our shopping for years. When we were car free and living in town cloth bags were the way to go, they held more and were easier to carry and when you are walking or taking the bus those are very important considerations. I've found that now that we have a car and a baby I tend to forget the bags. I am so busy trying to make sure we have all the baby stuff with us that it isn't until we arrive at the store that I remember the bags. I'm hoping your window cling helps me remember in our driveway instead. Thank you.

I love what you are doing to spread the word about the problem with plastic bags. I'm doing the same. A few years ago I began a small scale plastic bag recycling program from my kitchen table. I'm now recycling for over 20 families and together we've kept over 4500 of them out of the waste stream by repurposing them into beautiful reusables. Thanks for all you are doing to help make the world greener.

I am ecstatic I came across this! I posted this link on my Facebook and have encouraged friends & family to recycle, reuse, and reduce! Keep up the good work!

What a great way to start making a difference and to spread the word!

I'm glad to see the awareness in new places! I think every store should tax on plastic to encourage the use of reusable bags. My family is committed and will continue to raise awareness in the efforts to conserve this planet :)

I signed for my family and raise awareness to everyone else!

Great initiative!

Congratulations for taking up the charge on this important issue. Lots of small steps by many, many people make great change.

I am glad I stumbled upon this new website. I am committed and so are my friends! Let's get going.

Thank you for the work you are doing. My family and I are committed to doing all we can! I've ordered my set of bags today. Lori, Macungie, PA


07/12/2011 - 12:22
This is what it is all about!

At Conservingnow.com, we are in this for the children.  Plain and simple.  We are determined to see a generation raised to not use plastic bags!  We are committed to education and habit change, and are always thrilled to hear that our mission is working.  Jenn J., an incredible mom and part of our facebook community, sent in this picture of her son with this comment: 

"We got our bags yesterday! Wanted to say THANK YOU! Riley loves it already! When I showed it to him he said "Lets go get groceries!" He is super excited about it. Thanks again and keep up the great work!"

Does it get any better than this?  I think not.  Thank you Jenn and Riley.  It is you that is doing all the good work.  We're just here to help!


02/10/2011 - 13:48
ABCD Diaries and Conservingnow!

ABCD Diaries recently reviewed our Envirosax bags - and guess what?  They loved them!  Of course, they did!  What's not to love?  Stylish and durable - these ENvirosax make bringing your own bag easy (and fashionable)!!  Thanks ABCD Diaries - and if you have a moment head over to their site - http://christinbanda.blogspot.com/ for lots of interesting reviews and giveaways!
"What we thought: Oh, these bags are GORGEOUS!! And with over 40 designs to choose from, there is something everyone will love. That's what makes these bags perfect for gift wrap! They are affordable, beautiful and crucial to reducing plastic bag waste!! Surprisingly, these handy bags that can roll up to fit in your pocket can hold a ton of groceries, books, clothes, toys, whatever! If you're looking for a stylish gift wrap that doubles as an Earth-friendly gift that will keep giving year round, look no farther than Envirosax! ConservingNow.com has a variety of products to help you be kind to our Earth without hurting your pocketbook:) ABCD Diaries gives ConservingNow.com and Envirosax an A+!!

Buy It: Find these adorable Envirosax bags and more tools to help your family become more eco-friendly at ConservingNow.com!!"

12/30/2010 - 13:39
Another Picture from Saumirahlovesart!

Beautiful woman - beautiful bags!  Don't you agree??

12/19/2010 - 21:33
Saumirahlovesart and we love her using our bags!

One of the great things about Conservingnow.com is meeting incredible people!  Everyday, we work with someone new and passionate about the environment, and well, its such an inspiring job.  One such person is Saumirah, from saumirahlikesart.com!  She is a great blooger with plenty of interesting things to say, oh and - she loves Conservingnow!  We couldn't be more thrilled to have be a spokesperson for our bags!

"ConservingNow’s current campaign is to reduce plastic bag use. Because I was really inspired by their mission and loved all of their fabulous eco-bags, I asked them if I could try a few for myself! As you can see from the photo to the left, I LOVED THEM! I will post another blog with more photos later, but for now I want YOU, my lovely readers, to have a chance to get some of these awesome bags for yourself!"  http://saumirahlikesart.com/

Please visit her site at http://saumirahlikesart.com/

12/17/2010 - 12:46