ConservingNow is actively looking for partners and like-minded individuals/groups to help spread the word and create a better world for today and tomorrow.


A primary goal of ConservingNow is to educate young children on the importance of becoming responsible environmental citizens. We have worked with schools all across North America. Recently, we partnered with a state-wide environmental organization to train teachers and distribute our Classroom Education Kits to schools across the state!

In addition to providing free teaching resources, we will partner with schools in a variety of ways:

  • Fund-raising Programs
  • Community Service Days
  • School Assembly Programs
  • High School Ambassador Program
  • Plastic Bag Awareness Week
  • Grocery Store Give-aways

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Virtually every corporation today has a green initiative, so why not let ConservingNow help you accomplish your goals? When you join our corporate program, we provide you with educational, pledge and employee recognition materials to share with your entire staff as well as a customized kit which can include your choice of reminder items for each employee including the handy car window static reminder clings for everyone's car which can be paired with any of our reusable bags.

Many of our corporate partners are also looking to support local green initiatives. Previous partners have sponsored our classroom kits with all teaching and parent materials to their local area schools, co-branded with their corporate logo. After distributing the kits to local schools, all of our partners reported a considerable positive boost in the local media as well as within the community at large.


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member organizations

Community clubs, service organizations, 4 H clubs, Boy/Girl Scouts and other member organizations will find the perfect partner in ConservingNow for your green iniatives.

The elimination of plastic bags in our everyday lives is a simple way for your members to do their part to make the world a better place to live for future generations. What could be easier?

When you join our community program, we provide you with educational, pledge and individual recognition materials to utilize in your public campaigns as well as a customized kit which includes a car window static cling reminder for each individual in your organization.

Campaign ideas include:

  • Community Cleanup Days
  • Support for plastic bag ban initiatives
  • Block Ambassador Program
  • School Assembly programs
  • Fund-raising programs
  • Classroom Kit sponsorship


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ConservingNow Partner Programs


ConservingNow will work with your municipality to adopt this very worthwhile cause as part of your ongoing commitment to being a socially responsible community.

When you join our community program, we provide you with educational, pledge and individual recognition materials to utilize in your public campaigns. We will also put you in touch with other successful community leaders who have been on the forefront of their own community initiatives for information sharing and support.

You will have the option for the city to purchase co-branded classroom kits at special pricing. ConservingNow will be happy to contact and coordinate with local school officials on behalf of your city and will handle the distribution of the kits directly to the schools.


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There are a number of ways for bloggers to partner with ConservingNow. The benefits and options include:

  • Expand audience
  • Review our products
  • Hosting product giveaways
  • Guest blogging

Mommy Bloggers

Our community members are interested in the lives of ordinary moms, blogging about their extraordinary lives -- from teaching their kids responsibility to living greener. And we're looking for bloggers who are interested in reviewing our products and hosting product giveaways. Please contact us and let us know your interest!


Eco-bloggers are passionate and committed individuals who can stir people to change wasteful practices. If you are an eco-blogger interested in expanding your audience, consider partnering with us and joining our community. We have a number of custom programs guaranteed to be of interest to your readers.

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our components

Bring Your Own Bag Static Window ClingCar window static clings at special pricing.

A variety of items to choose from for individual eco-kits for your group members (wholesale pricing available). Visit our shop.

Co-branded Classroom Education Kits

Materials to support and advertise your initiative, and much more.

retail stores

Show customers from your community that you are committed to being socially responsible. When you partner with ConservingNow, we provide advertising materials, window posters, car window static cling reminders, and extensive positive exposure for your efforts to our large and growing community.

Opportunities include:

  • Special pricing on our car window static cling reminders
  • Eco-kits/ reusable bags for customer give-aways
  • Co-branded Classroom Education Kits
  • Sell our reusable bags in your store


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