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Educating our children about conservation is vital to reducing consumption and preserving our green planet. ConservingNow maintains a list of nominated schools and classrooms eager for conservation lessons.

As a sponsor, you can provide an educational kit to a classroom. Education plays a huge part in helping people understand the environmental and health costs we pay for the convenience of using plastic products. Our goal is for these lessons to influence our young people and their families to consider the environment when making simple daily choices.

Simply click one of the donation buttons below, and 100% of your gift will go toward sponsoring a classroom!


(Blank donation button: please use the quantity box to set your donation amount.)

ConservingNow makes classroom kits available at a reduced rate of $45 per kit. You can be a full sponsor for the next classroom on our list, or for a classroom you nominate.

You can learn more about the educational kits here. The lessons, activities, and resources provided in each kit are designed to help students (and their families!) become more conservation-minded in an easy, practical way. Teachers are encouraged to culminate the study unit by holding an Eco Awareness Day at the school for students and parents.

All of your sponsorship dollars will go toward providing educational kits to nominated schools and classrooms on a first come, first serve basis. Classrooms with partial sponsorship will be given priority status.

To designate your gift, nominate the classroom for sponsorship. Be sure to let us know in the message that you have made a donation.

If your company or organization wants to sponsor a school or classroom or to make a donation, please see our partnering programs here.